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Be the person that people look up and call a leader.

Be the person that people look up and call a leader.

Bruna Aere
Bruna Aere

Leadership development are considered top priority to 48% of organizations, according to a study by the American Management Association. But most companies do not offer proper training and development to form their staff. A great way to develop leadership skills is to keep learning. So here you’ll find a few tips to develop the right skills to succeed in this challenge.

First things first, make sure you set expectations. Communicate what you expect from your team during the next business year and ask them the same question, what do they expect from you.  Once you have exchange opinions, you follow the next actions:

Clear team goals

Must be shared with your team. Let them know how it’s aligned with the company to accomplish that business year. Also, tell what goal is short term and what goal is long term so they know how to set priorities.  Also communicate the behavior that you expected related to each goal.


Specify the methodology used by your organization uses for each goal that you set or they set for themselves.


Guide and give suggestions on how each employee can reach their goal, don’t give them the exact way you want the goal to be reached, but give guidance to develop strategies to reach the goal and be open minded on how the team member will reach the goal.

Real time feedback.

Always remember to give continuous feedback to guide the team to the right place. You’ll acknowledge their work and help them improve their skills so they can stand out in their execution and future in the company.

Be open to receive feedback

from your team so you can always improve skills. It shows that you are a great listener and have an open mind to all opinions to be able to improve yourself.

Focus on the business.

Take actions and recommendations to the company as well. A leader is the person that will not only think about himself and how he can improve but always he will think on how he can improve the company to make it stand out in the future.

Customers first.

When it comes to the clients needs being the leader of the team you need to be able to understand what the client wants to be able to deliver the message to the team so yourself and the team can deliver the outcome of the product just how the company wants it.

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