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10 great ways to improve people management

10 great ways to improve people management

Bruna Aere
Bruna Aere

Performance appraisal and management help organizations to promote and develop employees. It is a shared understanding of how individuals contribute to an organization’s goals, helping to disseminate a sense of bigger purpose. Effective performance appraisal also helps companies to improve employee’s engagement, and productivity.

Additionally, labor force and payroll are among the biggest costs to organizations, direct and indirect costs can represent up to 70% of total expenditures. For this reason, taking care of people is not just the right thing to do but also lowers costs and improves the bottom line of business.

Fortunately, recent trends in performance management are changing from formal and time-consuming to an ongoing management and coaching style.

“ You don’t build a business – you build people – and then people build your business” Zig Ziglar

Here are ten characteristics of an effective performance management model.

Experience in people management

Umanni has experience in several industries that practice different performance management methodologies, but do you know what everyone has in common?

They try to improve their people management models experimentally and for this, companies need an integrated service of technology and experience to assist in the development of solutions.

Every company is unique

Umanni offers a personalized experience for each customer. It starts in the commercial process until the training of its employees.

Reviews and Feedbacks

Over 500,000 assessments Made.

Flexibility for all types of Assessments: Technique, Competence, Performance, Leadership, Training, 180º, 360º, Feedbacks, NPS, Engagement, Employee Experience.

Indicators and Goals

More than 50,000 indicators created.

Create and manage your business goals, do not get caught up in a single methodology, management and reporting with results panel at different levels. Create metrics, percentages, numeric indexes, or monetary values.


More than 120,000 IDPs.

Develop IDPs - Individual development plan. Create in different contexts. Empower users and managers, receive analytic reports and notifications.

Matrix of Talents

More than 5,000 Talent Committees.

Create custom committees with 9, 12, and 16box define a box owner and have the possibility to conduct remote and distributed committees.

Succession plan

More than 180,000 succession plans created.

Create and manage the succession plan of your team, choose succession bands and indicate successors.


More than 1,000 surveys

They conduct research on work environment , consumer satisfaction, training needs among others. Receive the results and database in real time.


Engage employees through email campaigns and push notifications, customize your message, schedule submissions, and give different levels of access to your team to engage your employees.

People analytics

Having data that make sense to support your strategic decision about employees and workforce. Have insights to understand how to take the best of people working in your organization.

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